Edge protections

The evidence of failure to provide adequate protection to edges and external corners is all around. In public and private buildings the appearance of the finished surface is often damaged at these vulnerable points. Because of the wide variety of applications of our profile system, we offer the free services of our technical department to those requiring advice on specific problems. PVC tile edgings provide many benefits to the specifier and the installer. They will protect the tile from impact damage on vulnerable corners. They also give a finished appearance to otherwise raw tile edges. Installers find that they provide a true edge to work too, giving the installation a fine neat finish. They also appreciate the time savings edge protectors offer, making projects more economical. Stainless steel profiles are able to withstand greater impacts than their PVC counterparts. At the same time, they can also offer a very high quality of hygiene and finish. It should be noted that, due to the requirements of the latest hygiene regulations, the use of stainless steel profiles is recommended even in areas of low impact risk. We will be pleased to provide a full material specification if required.