Litokol AM is the result of a joint venture with one of the best known companies operating in the distribution of ceramic and building materials in Armenia. The company is located near a very important road junction linking Yerevan with Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The new building, covering an area of 8000 square meters, 4000 of which are indoor, is equipped with a hybrid plant specialized in the production of adhesives, cementitious pre-mixed products and gypsum-based plasters. This aim of this project is to optimize the production and the distribution of Litokol's products in the Eurasian markets, where Litokol is a well known name. Litokol AM can employ between 60 and 100 workers and focuses on a technology totally “made in Italy” to manufacture its products. The plant uses a sand grounding and drying system, together with silos for the pneumatic warehousing of raw materials and an automatic powder packaging system. The quality control of the raw material and of the finished product is carried out by the lab technicians, regularly trained in the Italian Head Quarters. The production process is strictly monitored by the Italian site, through on line connections and regular visits by our Italian technical staff. In the same way, R&S is directly followed by Litokol's labs based on the raw materials available in the area. The Litokol brand has now been present in Armenia for a number of years and enjoys a 50% of market share. With the opening of a production site in the local market, Litokol is hoping to increase market penetration and to increase the sales of the entire product range in the neighboring Caucasian region.