The area designated for the stocking of product is 10.000 m2; loading and unloading is carried out both in a covered loading area of 2.000 m2 and in internal loading squares of 5.000 m2. The constant increase in the volume of deliveries and in the types of products developed in the last few years, has meant that Litokol has invested a great deal in logistical equipment: the introduction of new human resources, equipment for tracking and tracing production lots, specific areas for loading and unloading and product picking has dramatically changed the way we work. This has allowed a higher level of efficiency and faster order processing times. Now Litokol has launched a radiofrequency logistic management system; alongside the current lot numbers "track and trace" system from the raw materials to the finished product, Litokol will introduce the use of bar-codes on all the articles in the warehouse.