Litokol, in partnership with local industrial partners, is also active in the Russian market with its own production facility in Noginsk, near Moscow. A 5200m2 industrial complex was built in an area extending across a total of 16200 m2, fitted out with latest generation Italian equipment and technology. The executive and commercial offices are located in the heart of Moscow.  The inauguration of the Noginsk facility in 2001 marked the start of a new chapter in our company’s process of internationalisation. Litokol was the first foreign company to be granted ownership by Russian authorities of the land on which the facility stands. In 2020, the production unit once again doubled in size, investing in new warehouses and structures just a short distance from the original headquarters, necessary to support the strong development of the construction sector that will affect the country in coming years. The three-year development plan launched by Litokol and its partners foresees an increase in productivity of around 70% and the expansion of industrial and logistics areas up to a total of 75,000 m2, of which about half will be covered areas used for production and warehousing.