Multifondo EVO

Multifondo EVO

Multifondo EVO is a white epoxy structural primer ideal for smoothing and even substrates before applying the SpazioContinuo® and Starlike® Decor "Wall and Floor" decorative systems.

It has high elasticity and excellent adhesion to absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.

advantages and features

  • Product with very low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission rate. Complies with class EC1PLUS according to the EMICODE protocol and class A+ (Émission dans l’air intérieur - French Regulations)
  • Suitable for installation on heating screeds
  • Suitable for overlaying on existing flooring
  • Extended workability of mix (about 60 minutes), which facilitates application on large surfaces
  • Product exempt from restrictions for road, sea, air and rail transport
  • White color that enhances the colors of the Spaziocontinuo® and Starlike® Decor textures without altering their original tone
  • Product with excellent fluidity and easy to spread
  • Easy to sand
  • Selected grain size that allows excellent anchoring of the decorative smoothing compound made with Starlike® Decor and Spaziocontinuo®
  • The high opaque effect makes it possible to even the surface of the substrate, covering any slight unevenness and colour differences
  • Excellent adhesion on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
  • Ideal for the sealing of static joints or cracks
  • Suitable for repairing any cracks or fissures in cement screeds, sprinkling the still fresh surface with quartz sand with a grain size of 0.4-1 mm, before applying adhesives, self-leveling or cement-based smoothing compounds, waterproofing membranes.


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