Powerflex K50

Powerflex K50

High-performance cementitious adhesive with rapid setting, no vertical slip and extended open time for the installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stones, vitreous and ceramic mosaics on indoor and outdoor floors and walls. Suitable for overlaying and underfloor heating. Product with very low volatile organic compound emission rate.

advantages and features

  • Product with very low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission rate. Complies with class EC1PLUS according to the EMICODE protocol and class A+ (Émission dans l’air intérieur - French Regulations)
  • Single component deformable product (class S1 according to EN 12002)
  • Allows the installation of ceramic, porcelain and mosaic wall coverings without the need for plastic spacers
  • Suitable for installation on heating screeds
  • Suitable for overlaying on existing flooring
  • Maintains excellent workability over time, without any bothersome thickening
  • The special additives give the product a very fluid texture and facilitate application using a notched trowel
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications.


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