In recent years, a scientific research project without precedent has allowed the company to complete its development towards the highest levels of innovation, laying the foundations for its future in terms of eco-sustainability and safety, thanks to the family of compounds called Zherorisk®.
The project is based on a futuristic study of primary materials and chemical formulations of different categories of compounds, organised in a technological platform of products with shared features of eco-friendliness and safety.
Not a study of individual products, therefore, but rather of the molecules and chemical structure of the base compositions, whereby different combinations allow the obtainment of grouts for joints, adhesives, waterproofing membranes, decorative resins with the lowest VOC emission rates ever recorded, which are non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-hazardous to the environment, and not subject to restrictions for road, rail, air, and sea freight.
The certainty of being able to produce materials with excellent performance in terms of their environmental compatibility has allowed the company to rigorously and knowingly work towards the obtainment of ISO 14001 environmental certification, to then immediately be issued EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) – green certifications par excellence – for all of its product lines.

Indoor pollution and Volatile Organic Compounds

One of the main causes of indoor pollution is the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These are chemical compounds of various types which are volatile, i.e., they evaporate easily into the air at room temperature. They are found in many everyday products, in building materials and furnishings (e.g., furniture, carpet, coverings, insulation), which may be the cause of continuous, long-lasting emissions over time.
High VOC concentrations are predominantly found during the period immediately after laying certain materials or the installation of furniture. VOC emissions are at their highest at the beginning of the product’s lifecycle and so, one of the most critical moments is when the operator prepares and uses it, especially in closed or poorly ventilated areas. After which, the emission rate tends to drop significantly and relatively quickly (within one week for paints and adhesives, and six months for other chemical compounds). The challenge presented by the Zherorisk® research initiative was to drastically reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), the main cause of indoor pollution, without altering the chemical and physical properties of the products.

Transport of goods and environmental protection

Zherorisk® products, in addition to being eco-friendly, safe for the environment and human health, with a very low
VOC emission rate, can circulate with absolute tranquillity given they are free of substances harmful to the environment and are therefore exempt from the obligations imposed by ADR regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods. The path taken on toxicological studies and the reform of all chemical substances included in the Reach/CLP European standards that introduces the United Nations globally harmonised system GHS, has allowed the classification and labelling criteria to be harmonised, thus encouraging the free movement of goods whilst ensuring a high level of protection for man and the environment. With the new basic substances developed as a result of the Zherorisk® project, it was possible to obtain products with minimum risk labelling, with no obligations imposed by ADR regulations, allowing for significant cost savings in terms of shipping and logistical time frames. Also in the case of long-distance international shipments, our products can be transported by sea in containers without IMO (International Maritime Organization) certification, or in urgent cases even by air, without being subject to the restrictions applicable to toxic, corrosive, or flammable materials.