In the summer of 2019, the company’s process of internationalisation continued with the joint venture in India between Litokol and the chemicals group Pidilite Industries Ltd, listed on the Mumbai stock exchange. The aim of the new joint venture is to produce epoxy, polyurethane, and other two-component reactive compounds for the ceramics and construction industry, a field in which Litokol has been an international leader for some time thanks to the quality of its products and strong innovative drive in research and development. With administrative offices based in the city of Mumbai and an almost completed production facility in Amod, in the highly industrialised region of Gujarat, Pidilite Litokol Ltd is fitted out with entirely Italian technology and is directly supported by Litokol engineers for all start-up and development operations of the main product lines. The company works in a co-branding logic with its own main products and other lines designed ad hoc for the Indian market, all within a specialised unit allowing strong marketing and R&D synergies between the two groups at an international level.