Rapidflex K91

Rapidflex K91

High-performance cementitious adhesive with rapid setting, deformation ability with no vertical slip and extended open time for the installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles, porcelain stoneware and natural stone in large sizes, vitreous and ceramic mosaics on indoor and outdoor floors and walls. Suitable for swimming pools, overlaying and underfloor heating. Product with very low volatile organic compound emission rate.

advantages and features

  • Extended workability of the mixture (> 50 minutes) which makes it easier to apply on large surfaces
  • Flexible product (S1 ≥ 2,5 mm)
  • Quickly develops high mechanical strength, setting to light foot traffic in just 3 hours
  • Product with ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission rate. Compliant with class EC1PLUS according to the EMICODE protocol and class A+ (Émission dans l’air intérieur – French regulations)


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