Litotex Extreme

Litotex Extreme

Separation, anti-fracture, waterproofing membrane for the installation of flooring even in the most difficult situations. For interiors and exteriors.

installation environments:

  • Interiors and exteriors 
  • Underfloor heating 
  • Overlaying 
  • Terraces and balconies 
  • Industrial floors 
  • Residential, public, commercial building

advantages and features

  • Specifically for the installation of large slabs 
  • No need to respect the joints 
  • waterproof, prevents infiltrations
  • reduces tile damage due to screed shrinkage and movements of the substrate.
  • reduces noise
  • Controls vapour thanks to air channels in the structure
  • Stabilisation: Litotex Extreme controls the spread of cracks, separating the underlying damaged part from the installed flooring, thus protecting it.
  • Mechanical strength: Litotex Extreme manages and evenly redistributes the load on the floor

In summary

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