Certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

This is to certify that the management system of

Via Giovanni Falcone, 13/1
42048 Rubiera (RE) - Italy

has been found to conform to the Quality Management System standard: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015).
This certificate is valid for the following scope: Design, manufacture, service and sale of adhesives, sealants, adhesive paste and additives for the building sector; trade of tiling accessories(EA Sector: 12)



UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification

Litokol has obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification for its Environmental Management System.

The Environmental Problem Management System is the tool to ensure that the Company's activity is carried out while protecting the environment, not only in terms of conservation, but also engaging in environmental matters treating it as any other managerial-organisational requirement.

In this context, Litokol’s permanent goal is to continually improve the performance of its Environmental Management System, considering everyone involved directly and indirectly in the company's business.



EPD - Environmental Products Declaration

An EPD is a certified Environmental Products Declaration, which provides environmental data on the life cycle of the products in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025.
The International EPD System is a program allowing the development and registration of EPDs for all types of goods and services. The system is international and certified by a third party.
To create an EPD, an LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) study must be conducted, taking into account the Product Category Rules (PCR).

The results of the study and other information, as required by the PCR, are then reported in the EPD format. The EPD developed as such is then verified by an accredited independent body. Litokol chose UL Underwriters Laboratories Inc., an independent safety certification company, which develops standards and tests for products, materials, components, and instruments, with a particular focus on safety. Our EPDs are inserted in the UL portal and can be accessed by a vast network of companies.



GBC - Green Building Council

Thanks to this undertaking, our products acquire points for LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the US system used to classify the energy efficiency and ecological footprint of buildings, developed by the GBC (Green Building Council) of which Litokol is a part, providing a set of measurement standards to assess sustainable constructions in terms of their environmental impact.



Indoor pollution and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

One of the main causes of indoor pollution is the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
These are chemical compounds of various types which are volatile, i.e. they evaporate easily into the air at room temperature. They are found in many everyday products, in building materials and furnishings (e.g. furniture, carpet, coverings, insulation), which may be the cause of continuous, long-lasting emissions over time.
Everybody at some stage or other has experienced the strong odours emitted after installing a new piece of furniture or painting the walls. The odours are caused by the volatility of certain substances contained in the wood of furniture or paints. In fact, high VOC concentrations are predominantly found during the period immediately after laying certain materials or the installation of furniture. VOC emissions are at their highest at the beginning of the product’s lifecycle and so, one of the most critical moments is when the operator prepares and uses it, especially in closed or poorly ventilated areas. After which, the emission rate tends to drop significantly and relatively quickly (within one week for paints and adhesives, and six months for other chemical compounds). The challenge presented by the Zherorisk® research initiative was to drastically reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), the main cause of indoor pollution, without altering the chemical and physical properties of the products.


GEV Emicode EC1 PLUS

Litokol products come with EMICODE EC1 PLUS certification and labelling, for “products with a very low volatile organic compound emission rate” in compliance with the guidelines issued by GEV (association for the control of building material emissions), with much lower values than the limit values.


Émission dans l’air intérieur

“Émission dans l’air intérieur” is the mandatory labelling of building products or wall and floor covering products used in buildings, in accordance with the French regulation on the characteristics of volatile pollution emissions (VOC) for the product. The product emission level is indicated by a class ranging from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions), according to the same principle used for electrical appliances.




Certification according to directive 2014/90/EU (MED) for use in marine sector

Litokol has developed various products that have been certified as compliant with the fire protection requirements of Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU (MED) and Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/1157 for the purpose of outfitting boats.

Our certified products include:

  • Litoelastic EVO FR, high-performance flexible reactive adhesive for the installation of all types of ceramic and porcelain tiles;
  • Starlike® EVO, stain-proof and acid-resistant epoxy grout with coloured quartz for the installation and grouting of ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles;
  • Starlike® Crystal EVO, Starlike® ColorCrystal EVO, translucent epoxy grouts comprised of micro glass beads for the grouting of vitreous mosaics;
  • EpoxyÉlite EVO FR, stain-proof and acid-resistant epoxy grout for the installation and grouting of ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles.