Two-component cementitious mortar. The powder part is made up of cements, inert fillers and special organic additives. The liquid part consists in a synthetic resin in aqueous dispersion, solvent-free and highly elastic even at very low temperatures.

By mixing the two components together (already pre-batched in their respective packaging), a plastic mortar is obtained, easy to apply with a smooth trowel, roller and brush, particularly adhesive and fluid, which can be applied to floors and walls with no dripping up to a maximum thickness of 2 mm.

vantaggi e caratteristiche

  • High elasticity and waterproofing
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, all cementitious substrates and also smooth, compact and non-absorbent substrates such as ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural and polished stones, without the need for primer
  • For interior and exterior wall and floor coverings
  • Allows waterproofing repairs on balconies and terraces directly over the existing ceramics without the need for demolition
  • Maintains excellent workability over time, without any bothersome thickening
  • Product with low volatile organic compound emission rate, compliant with Class A+ according to French Regulations
  • Rapid installation times since it can also be applied with a roller and brush. Ideal for large surfaces or complex structures making application with a smooth trowel difficult
  • Retains its flexibility even at very low temperatures (-20°C), making it suitable for application in particularly cold climates



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