Two-component cementitious mortar, elastic up to -20°C, chlorine-resistant, applicable with roller and brush, for waterproofing of indoor wet areas, balconies, terraces, tanks and swimming pools in class CMO2P according to UNI EN 14891. Product with low volatile organic compound emission rate.

advantages and features

  • High elasticity and waterproofing
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, all cementitious substrates and also smooth, compact and non-absorbent substrates such as ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural and polished stones, without the need for primer
  • For interior and exterior wall and floor coverings
  • Allows waterproofing repairs on balconies and terraces directly over the existing ceramics without the need for demolition
  • Maintains excellent workability over time, without any bothersome thickening
  • Product with low volatile organic compound emission rate, compliant with Class A+ according to French Regulations
  • Rapid installation times since it can also be applied with a roller and brush. Ideal for large surfaces or complex structures making application with a smooth trowel difficult
  • Retains its flexibility even at very low temperatures (-20°C), making it suitable for application in particularly cold climates

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