Starlike Decor

Starlike Decor

Epoxy decorative finish for interior walls.

advantages and features

  • Surface chromatic effect similar to grouting performed with the Starlike® EVO epoxy grout. It is therefore possible to create colour matches between surfaces in ceramic and porcelain tiles or vitreous mosaics grouted with Starlike® EVO and the surrounding wall finishes decorated with Starlike® Decor.
  • Using different application methods for Starlike® Decor, it is possible to create special and customisable exclusive chromatic and decorative effects on surfaces.
  • By overlapping the different colour shades in subsequent applications, infinite colour combinations can be achieved. Starlike® Decor is easy and fast to apply. Using suitable equipment, it is possible to quickly obtain highly prestigious aesthetic finishes.
  • Since this is a low thickness finish, consumption is reduced and therefore also the cost of the operation.
  • With Starlike® Decor it is possible to decorate vertical surfaces such as rough cement plasters, gypsum panels, lightweight panels, wood panels and to overlay pre-existing ceramics or mosaics.

In summary

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