Starlike EVO Finishes - Night Vision

Starlike EVO Finishes - Night Vision

This is a photoluminescent additive, which means that after exposure to natural or artificial light, the grouting assumes a bluish aspect for about 1 hour in the dark, without substantially modifying the original product colour.

This component can be added to the following colours in the Starlike® EVO range: 110 Grigio Perla, 115 Grigio Seta, 120 Grigio Piombo, 205 Travertino, 208 Sabbia, 210 Greige, 215 Tortora, 225 Tabacco, 310 Azzurro Polvere, 320 Azzurro Caraibi, 330 Blu Avio, 340 Blu Denim, 350 Blu Zaffiro,410 Verde Smeraldo, 420 Verde Prato, 430 Verde Pino, 500 Rosa Cipria, 530 Viola Ametista, 600 Giallo Vaniglia.

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