Water is a precious resource for life and people’s well-being.

That’s why Litokol has decided to invest in an eco-friendly and effective solution to provide quality, fresh, safe and readily available water to its employees and visiting clients. Seven “sources” connected to the water mains have been installed at the company, designed to filter and chill the water, eliminating the need for plastic bottles. Personalised and reusable water bottles have been delivered to all employees to reduce the use of plastic cups.

The greatest benefit is undoubtedly the reduced environmental impact of plastic production and disposal, not to mention the transportation associated with producing, distributing and disposing of the bottles. In 2023, some 15,000 0.5 L water bottles were consumed, the equivalent of more than 200 kg of plastic and a carbon footprint of over 1800 kg of CO2.

The second, no less important benefit concerns the company’s commitment to promoting good lifestyle practices, encouraging people in this case to drink constantly and regularly throughout the day, with beneficial effects on their overall health.