Litokol participated together with Newster Group in the realization of the panels for the exhibition "Ti ricordi?" for the Infermi Hospital in Rimini. It is about a resin installation of 12 meters in length, which welcomes visitors directed to the stairs of the Infermi Hospital of Rimini. Litokol, starting from materials regenerated from sterilized medical waste supplied by Newster Group, was able to create 8 panels thanks to its in-depth knowledge in the field of resins that it normally uses to produce many references such as Starlike EVO or Spaziocontinuo. The acquaintance between the two Emilia-Romagna companies took place thanks to the participation of both in two different Clust-ER, or communities of public and private entities that share ideas, skills, tools and resources to support the competitiveness of production systems. Newster Group is a Rimini company famous all over the world that has invented a brand new technology that regenerates medical waste and, on the occasion of the 25th year of its foundation, wanted to donate this installation to the city of Rimini. The 'Ti ricordi' exhibition is dedicated to grandparents, doctors, nurses, health personnel and volunteers who work around the hospital, especially today after two such difficult years spent in the midst of the pandemic. The installation was conceived and designed by the Kaleidon communication studio in Rimini and the company MelaP took care of the UV printing of the photographic panels fixed to the resin plates made by Litokol.