Litokol supports the kitchen renovation of the Reggio Emilia jail

Together with other companies in the industrial ceramics zone and several firms based in Reggio Emilia, Litokol contributed to the redevelopment of the kitchen at the Pulce prison in Reggio Emilia, donating adhesives and grouts.

Farmacie Comunali Riunite, in collaboration with the penitentiary institutes of Reggio Emilia and the Oscar Romero Consortium, joined the project launched in 2018 by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia on the Right to Beauty. The project pursued the notion of redeveloping a number of locations, and in particular renovating the institute’s kitchen, worn down by time and the urgency of its continuous use. 

Litokol participated in this initiative by donating products such as the Prepara Fondo adhesion promoter, the Powerflex K50 cementitious adhesive and the Litochrom 1-6 cementitious sealant. The installation of the floors and walls was carried out personally by the inmates themselves under the supervision of specialized technical personnel.