An elegant building near Parma

In San Pancrazio, along the Via Emilia, in a hamlet one km away from the city of Parma, an elegant building with 11 residential units has recently been built.   

Type of intervention
The new architectural project, called “ Le Scuole ", was built on the site of the old primary school, and is the work of Architectural Studio of Michela Muscio and Filippo Casolari. A decision was made to create a modern building that recalled the past; that would integrate well with the surrounding urban context. Cavatorta srl of Parma, a specialised dealer, provided advice on the choice of indoor and outdoor flooring and coverings, as well as the Litokol products used to lay them.

Materials used for laying
Litoflex K80 grey was used for the outdoor areas, being suitable for bonding large format porcelain tiles even outdoors.  Porcelain tiles for indoor floors were applied with Superflex K77 grey, a high performance cementitious adhesive that is ideal for large formats, and particularly suited for application on screeds with floor heating, as in this specific case. Floors and coverings in porcelain tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens were applied with Litoflex K80 Export white and Litoflex K77 white, high-performance cementitious adhesive, anti-slip and long open time. The building's exterior is characterised by the decorative use of thin slabs, according to the architect's project.  To lay them Cementkol K 21 grey, mixed with the Latexkol elasticising synthetic latex, to achieve C2-S2 class requirements, was used.  The slabs were applied using the double coating technique. The grout joints between the tiles, on indoor and outdoor floors and walls, were done with Starlike. The Starlike epoxy mortar is extremely simple to apply and clean. The colours are stable and uniform over time, and it is highly resistant to compression and yellowing.  Genesis angular profiles and relative special pieces in aluminium, with satin and chrome finishes, were used to give an elegant finish to particular architectural solutions on the building's external façades and to frame the main entrance.