Hotel Prestige Budapest

The atmosphere at Hotel Prestige Budapest resembles that of imperial and central European 20th century Budapest, distinguished by classic, timeless elegance. The neoclassic style building is the work of the renowned Hungarian architect, Jozsef Hild, one of the most popular advocates of the neoclassic style in Hungary.  The hotel features 85 prestigious rooms and renovation works were completed in April 2015.

Type of works
For the large hotel foyer, black flooring in recomposed granite with mosaic inserts was selected. Also in an artistic white and gold mosaic is the niche located behind the reception desk. All the mosaics used in this area of the hotel are made by Sicis.

Materials used
The foyer floor was glued using the Superflex K77 improved cementitious adhesive. The Starlike epoxy sealant in "Sabbia" colour was used to grout the round Neoglass Barrel mosaic by Sicis, with the addition of some Gold glitter to enhance the tones of the chosen mosaic.
The niche behind the reception desk was custom made for Prestige using the mosaic from the Orientale line by Sicis, with the insertion of the hotel logo.
The precious decorative mosaic was glued using the two-component, high-performing Litoelastic reactive adhesive. This product is particularly suitable for laying ceramic tiles, mosaics, natural and recomposed stone. Starlike Crystal, a translucent two-component acid-resistant epoxy grout was instead used to grout the white and gold mosaic (with joints up to 2 mm wide).

Photo credits: Gabor Erdelyi