In France, a beautiful Spa inside a captivating castle nestled in nature

The Saint Félix de Pallières castle in Occitanie, in the French department of Gard, is a 12th century building. The castle is nestled in a large park near several prestigious UNESCO world heritage listed sites. It is currently a hotel with spa, created ad hoc in 2014. In 2017, the hotel was renovated, making it even more inviting.

Type of Works
The renovation works primarily focused on the castle’s wellness area. The indoor pool, multifunctional shower with colour therapy and Turkish bath were tiled with mosaics on both the walls and floors to create truly precious and welcoming spaces.

Materials Used
The castle’s wellness area was reborn following a decision to lay mosaics produced by the Vicenza-based company Trend. Custom combinations were selected in a 1x1 cm format from the Vitreo - Brillante - Shining collections, pairing colours from the same range, or contrasting. The product is made using up to 59% post-consumer recycled glass. This type of mosaic is perfect for areas in contact with water, as the size of the tile and presence of a joint (1 mm) creates a non-slip surface. Litokol supplied the material to grout the mosaics. Starlike® Crystal, a translucent two-component acid-resistant epoxy grout was selected from the Starlike® range to grout the clear and artistic vitreous glass mosaics with joints up to 2 mm wide. Thanks to its translucent colour, Starlike® Crystal allows the colour of the glass tile to be absorbed, thus highlighting the different tones of the mosaic composition.
The joints take on a neutral tone that doesn’t interfere with the overall look of the mosaic.