Luxury interiors for a yacht made entirely with Litokol products

Amedeo Amarante of La Posa Costruzioni, under the AM Luxury brand, was responsible for developing the interiors of a Pershing yacht, laying mosaics and Kerlite by Cotto d’Este. A decidedly complex project due to the narrow spaces and numerous off-square measurements commonly found in boats. This is without a doubt a highly prestigious interior furnishing solution, unique to its kind.

Type of works
Amedeo Amarante’s challenge was to personalise, in an original way and using innovative materials, the interiors of a luxury yacht subject to vibration caused by the boat’s movement. A decision was therefore made to lay mosaics inside the two bathrooms, while a material rarely used in nautical environments, Kerlite, was selected for the corner bar top.

Materials Used
Litokol supplied all materials to lay both the mosaics and thin slabs of porcelain stoneware.
Schlüter-System polystyrene panels were used to construct the interiors of this boat, which in addition to cushioning the vibrations caused by movement in the sea, also allowed excellent adherence of the mosaic coverings in the two bathrooms. 
The custom mosaic coverings were glued using the K55 enhanced white cementitious adhesive with extended open time, for the laying of ceramics and mosaics indoors and outdoors on flooring and walls.
Starlike®Crystal, the two-component acid-resistant translucent epoxy grout was used to grout the artistic and transparent vitreous mosaics, with 2 mm wide joints. This is a specific product used to grout artistic mosaics, as its semi-transparent qualities prevent any alterations to the colour tones of the composition, assuming a neutral tone that doesn't interfere with the image. The translucid colour of the joints allows the colours of the glass tiles to be absorbed. The bar top finished with Kerlite was laid using the Hyperflex K100 high-performance, highly deformable, single component cementitious adhesive, particularly suited to thin laminated porcelain stoneware. This product was developed using the new Litokol Dust Reduction system, which minimises the production of dust during mixing.